When you’ve made the big decision to propose, does location matter when you want to go down on bended knee and ask the love of your life to marry you? It certainly does as it adds to the romance, the atmosphere and the memory of one of the most important moments of both of your lives.

Here then are the 5 most romantic locations in the world to propose; find a great ring first by learning all about the different styles available by reading up the hints and tips at Your Diamond Guru and then decide how to whisk the person who means the world to you off to one of these destinations.

  • Empire State Building, New York

As fans of the movie Sleepless in Seattle will tell you, the top of the Empire State Building is a totally romantic spot and unsurprisingly one of the favorite places to propose in NYC. It’s a major tourist destination so it’s not for those who want a private proposal, but if that doesn’t faze you, then the incredible views from the top of the 102 story building provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal. New York is full of potential for a proposal, so if you want to propose in The Big Apple but don’t fancy the Empire State Building then here are some nyc proposal ideas for you to take a look at.

  • Harry’s Bar, Venice

Anywhere in Venice is the perfect place for love but Harry’s Bar is particularly well known for its romantic atmosphere. As well as being the home for those in love, it is also famous for being the regular haunt of stars of a bygone celebrity era such as Charlie Chaplin and Ernest Hemingway. After you’ve heard the word ‘yes’, sip the traditional drink of this city which is a Bellini and head off to catch a gondola for two to glide through the canals of this stunning city.

  • Wailua Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

Plan the holiday of a lifetime to include a proposal by visiting a destination which looks like a fantasy scene from a movie but really does exist. In fact, the pair of 80 foot high Wailua Falls are recognisable as they were the location for a 1970s TV show called Fantasy Island. Propose at the top of this watery landscape on the island known locally as the ‘Garden Isle’ and then take the path down to the bright blue lagoon at the bottom of the waterfalls to cool off together.

  • Paris

Known for being a city of marriage proposals, there are many clichés about asking the big question in Paris but the truth is that there’s lots of beautiful and private nooks and crannies to present the solitaire diamond ring you’ve chosen. Take in all the popular proposal spots first; Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens and the steps of Montmartre to let your beloved perhaps think that something exciting is afoot before finding an intimate corner of the oldest square in the city; Place de Vosges to go down on bended knee.

  • Top of the World Restaurant, Las Vegas

You’ll both feel on top of the world in more ways than once when you propose at this fine dining venue perched on the 106th floor of the Stratosphere Casino overlooking Las Vegas. The restaurant revolves as you eat and below you the glittering buildings and streets of the wedding capital of the world await. Celebrate with a two foot long glass of champagne before seizing the moment and marrying in one of the chapels along the street. If you know in advance that you’re going to be proposing in the Entertainment Capital of the World, you may need to make sure that everything has been planned in advance so it’s the most special time of your lives. Listening to something similar to the Talk about Las Vegas podcast, ( can give you some ideas on how you can continue your festivities for the remainder of your trip. All that matters is that the proposal is special to you and your partner, regardless of where or how you decide to propose.