Wood flooring in various guises has dominated the home décor market for well over a decade now and shows no signs of being on the wane. From budget engineered boards to solid wood, there’s now wood flooring in many homes around the UK, from providers like Kahrs and others that have grown in the industry. Tastes may change as to whether it’s ash, oak or walnut which is preferable and whether light or dark finishes are on-trend but this style of flooring continues to be a first choice over carpet for those who want a great look, longevity of product and an easy to care aspect of their home.

One choice is engineered wood flooring such as that supplied by https://www.jfjwoodflooring.co.uk/ . It’s a great option for those who want the quality of a hardwood floor as opposed to the budget laminate options as well as the added features of extra stability and strength when compared to a solid wood floor. Wanting to take care of your laminate wood flooring? You might want to look at sites like this https://modernliving101.com/how-to-clean-laminate-wood-floors/.

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is constructed from real wood which has been built from a number of layers and then bonded together. The result is a hardwood top layer which has the natural appearance of the chosen type of wood and looks no different to solid wood flooring when installed. Underneath the top layer there are a number of thin layers of timber that make up a plywood. This creates boards which are actually stronger and more stable than solid wood.

Engineered hardwood flooring is more resistant to fluctuations in temperature and levels of humidity than solid wood which means that warping and cracking are far less likely to occur. This means that in environments which are prone to more moisture or varying temperatures than usual – a bathroom, cellar or over underfloor heating for example, you can have an engineered wood floor which would be more challenging to achieve if solid wood were chosen.

Even though engineered wood flooring isn’t solid hardwood, it doesn’t alter the fact it is a hardwood floor and with this comes beauty, warmth and many years of life in your home. Choose a high quality engineered floor and you’ll be just as happy as if you had opted for solid wood.

Installation is straight forward and depending on the product, the room or character of the property it can be glued, nailed, screwed or floated using a high quality underlay.

The types of wood available

Just about any kind of hardwood can be used. There’s a huge range available but the most popular are walnut and oak. It just depends on your personal taste; it has been said that for small rooms then the lighter shades of oak can give the feeling of space and for larger areas the deep tones of walnut really give an aesthetically pleasing look. However it does all come down to what you think will look best for your property and tastes. You could even look into getting hardwood floor staining to change the color of the hardwood flooring in your house. It’s all down to personal preference!

Areas of the home engineered wood flooring can be used

Providing it is fitted in the appropriate manner by a specialist Gresham hardwood floors company for example, engineered wood flooring is suitable for every room in the house. The durability means it’s great for heavy traffic areas such as the hallway, the warm feeling of real wood shines through in living spaces such as the lounge and any kitchen looks stylish with an easy to care for floor.

For anyone who has concerns about the feeling of wood on bare feet in the winter, wood is much warmer than tiles or slate and is also suitable to be laid over underfloor heating. There are a few considerations to make before taking this route such as the floor preparation and ensuring there are no hot spots in the room, but it really does mean that when the temperature is low outside, toes will be cosy when walking through the home.

The benefits of engineered wood flooring

Because engineered wood flooring uses real hardwood as the top layer, it has all the qualities and features of solid wood flooring. It means you have a warm and hardwearing surface to use which will look as good in a decade as the day it is installed.