Setting out on a health and exercise regime often means joining a local gym or buying pieces of equipment such as a treadmill, rowing machine or sets of weights. The intention is always there to use them on a regular basis but the majority of people quickly become disheartened. Over £37 million a year is lost in gym memberships which are never used and many of us have discarded clothing hung over exercise bikes which are gathering dust in the corner of the bedroom.

There’s a solution though which many aren’t aware of; you don’t need to splash out a fortune on buying equipment as you can easily hire it for as long or as short a period as suits. Companies such as offer all the latest equipment so you can try it to see if it is going to be something you then want to buy as a permanent part of your new lifestyle, or you can simply exchange it for another item when you want to change your exercise routine. Click here for treadmill hire in Dublin and if you’re looking for ratings, they review a lot here as well.

The benefits of hiring

Buying exercise equipment is never cheap. You will want to invest in good quality fitness equipment that is also affordable. For example, a friend decided to invest in these stepper machines and had a great time with them but they aren’t for everyone. Even small items can cost a fair amount and you’re making the purchase not even knowing if you’ll enjoy using it. There’s also the fact that with the ranges of different models available it’s often a stab in the dark as to which style is best for you; a recumbent exercise bike perhaps as a opposed to the traditional bicycle seat or a treadmill which keeps you on the flat or one with the option to increase the gradient of the run. If you’re not sure which to go with you’ll want to look into this recumbent stationary bike review that covers a few various models while giving you the benefits of a recumbent versus the typical exercise bike, and vice versa.

When trying to decide on which exercises to combine together, realising that you’ve bought the wrong equipment is a costly mistake to make. Hire pieces first and you can try them for a few weeks or even months until you’ve either reached your goal or decide to take the plunge and buy one for yourself.

Gym equipment can take up space and with many of us living in flats, there’s only so much room to accommodate items such as ski machines and yoga mats. If they aren’t what we enjoy then unless they are sold they are banished to a cupboard or a spare bedroom for the foreseeable future. The beauty of hiring means that at the end of the rental period they are returned and the room becomes free again to either use for the original purpose, or to give a home to a different item to increase fitness.

If you are short of money and don’t have the funds to buy items such as weights and benches, it can be disheartening if you’re raring to get going with your fitness programme. Hiring items is the solution as for a small outlay you can get started almost immediately and you can then upgrade to different equipment as your strength and stamina improves.

The January gym commitment

Signing up to a gym contract is a pretty binding commitment and whilst there are thousands who sign on the dotted line – particularly at the beginning of each year – the vast majority go unused but the direct debit has to be paid until the end of the agreement. It’s now possible to ‘hire’ a gym membership in that you can pay a set amount which gives you access for a certain period of time. If at the end you’re still enthusiastic, this can be extended time and time again until you feel you want to join permanently – or you feel you don’t have the time to visit and so don’t need to pay any more than is necessary.