The first stretch limousine came into existence during the 1920s, at which time their main use was to transport big band leaders, along with their orchestras, around the United States. They became more popular in the 1930s, with their use expanding to the transportation of film crews, movie stars and even the President! Today, they are still a vehicle of choice for the rich and famous, but their use has become a lot more varied. Whether it’s chauffeur services for financial roadshows or town car hires, they’re used for a variety of reasons!


Special occasions

Limos are a popular choice for weddings, allowing the bride, groom and their guests to arrive in style. Although a white limo is traditional for weddings, there is a range of colours available so one can be chosen to suit the theme of the wedding. Dream Limousines for example offer a wide variety of different limos that are ideal for wedding transportation. You can visit their website here. Limos are also used for bachelor and bachelorette parties, as they are ideal vehicles for transporting large groups of people. The parties can tour around the city in style, while enjoying beverages from the comfort of the vehicle.

Many students use limos for attending proms and graduation ceremonies. Not only does it allow the student to travel to their destination in luxury, it also means that their transport home after the event is already arranged, so no need to call home for a ride!

Other uses

Although limos are commonly chosen for special events, they have many other uses. Some people choose to take a limo when traveling to the airport. For example, if you were catching a flight to New Jersey, you may contact a Limo Service New Jersey NJ to pick you up once you arrive. Parking at the airport can be expensive, so many prefer to be driven by a chauffeur. Riding in style is the way to go! Limos are more spacious and comfortable than a taxi, so it can be a more relaxing way to travel. Limos are also used by corporations for their clients, whether it’s transporting the client to a meeting or taking them out for the night to show them the town. People will go onto sites like and enquire as to what is available to them and their travel arrangements.

From their beginnings as transportation for the big bands, limos have now become a popular choice for a variety of occasions.