Have you grown terribly bored of your garden lately? It’s only natural, after a certain amount of time your garden simply starts to lose it’s flair because you have been looking at it for years now. In this article, you will be given several tips to transform your regular old garden into a honest piece of nature.

Attract animals

In order to make your garden into a piece of nature, attracting animals to your garden is never a bad idea, as this will enforce the natural environment you’re trying to create in your garden. A great way to increase the amount of birds in your garden is by putting up nesting boxes to encourage birds to breed. Trees and hedges will also help attract birds and insects.

Creating a ‘wilderness’ area in your garden is also a great way to entice wild animals like shrews and other grass or insect-feeding mammals. Dead wood increases the likelihood of grubs and beetles to appear in your garden, thus increasing the amount of bug-hunters in your garden as well.

A fountain

A perfect way to showcase a natural environment is by placing a fountain or other water feature in your garden. Not only do they help with the natural vibe you’re trying to create, they are also very low maintenance. Cleaning has to be done regularly, but is very easy to do, a simple waterpump will make sure the fountain will keep going as it should.

Don’t go for symmetry and cleanliness

If you are trying to create a natural environment, don’t create a garden that’s perfectly symmetric and has neatly organised flower beds and the like. This enforces the artificial look and as such is counterproductive to what you actually want to do. Nature likes a messy garden, and it also helps to encourage insects and also birds to come to your garden.

It’s also advisable to reduce the amount of chemicals you use in your garden, as they kill both wildlife and pests. There are different types of natural biological controls you could use, which is also better for the environment. The slug pellets contain substances which are extremely poisonous cats, dogs birds, and it should not have to be said that this should not be the desired result you want to have.