It can be one of the most frightening changes you can ever experience. Losing your hair happens to many men around the world. It could be down to many different factors, that all have their own mysterious path. Some of them are quite easily explained, but others, are rare and can sometimes leave you baffled. You may be feeling distraught, because of the gradual or rapid loss of your hair, is like losing a part of yourself forever. Catching the signs of hair loss early will more than likely provide you with some salvation to hopefully step in and control the situation authoritatively, and get you looking into options that are available, including checking out the neograft hair transplant cost to weigh up medical choices. While there are also natural remedies to treat hair loss, there are medicines and pills like Finasteride and Propecia that can help you combat hair loss. Besides your usual drug stores, these pills and other medication can be sourced from online pharmacies like menschem too.

Often many people, who can afford better treatments, tend to go down the route of medical procedures, which included things like a hair transplant Colorado and other places to get a nice healthy head of hair that is similar to what it was before the hair loss. However, often it can feel like you’re on your own, and you feel like you must find some way to cope and potentially find a way to fix these situations. This will only prolong the issue, so you must have a clear direction and some steps to follow. Sometimes, it might be a prudent choice to attend a Dermatology Conference happening within the vicinity to understand the root causes of hair and skin problems. This could at least give an insight into what type of reliable treatment options are available and how they can be sought. That said, there are a few guiding principles, and possible avenues you can explore to gain a better understanding of what is happening to your hair and scalp.

Look for prevalent signs

Firstly make sure there is nothing going on in your environment that may be triggered a reaction. If you are in an area which is dusty, your scalp can become extremely dry, and then begin to rapidly decrease in moisture and natural oils. Soon you’ll begin to scratch and feel like this is just simply normal. Your scalp can be so lost for hydration, that the roots of your hair, shrink and become weak. Soon you may start to see the effects of this, by your hairline simply fading, or perhaps patches of your scalp missing clumps of hair. This kind of atopic dermatitis can cause hair loss, on practically anywhere on your body, whether it be arms, back or scalp. Wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water, and only apply a conditioner to your hair, when showering. You should go see a doctor to gain a better understanding of the cause and be given more effective treatments.

Traction alopecia

There are many reasons that could be leading to your loss of hair, and most of them are unknown to the ordinary person. If you have a hairstyle, that puts pressure on your scalps, such as braids or a ponytail, your hair is being constantly pulled. Eventually, because of the constant tension on your hair follicles and the scalp, you will start to see the gradual loss of hair from the front of your head. The sides will most likely begin to fade away, and then your top part of your forehead will see the hairline also retreat. Unfortunately, for those who have been wearing such hairstyles that put a large force on the root of the hair and scalp, the hair follicles are permanently dead and won’t come back. This is why it’s extremely important to listen to your body, and when you sense your scalp it tired or sore and may be aching chronically, you should not carry on any further with such a hairstyle. Since the hair follicles are dead, the only way to replace them is through surgery.

Yeast fungal infection

A lesser known cause of hair loss is due to a fungal infection which affects the scalp. Everyone has yeast on the surface of their skin, however, some more than others. If the natural oil and salt from excessive sweat, along with a high amount of muggy and moist air mixes together, you may become infected. This can happen due to a high temperature which can lead to an obscene amount of sweating. The immediate areas of concern will be the crown of your hair, and the sides of your head. You may be able to feel a goo or slimy substance at the base of your head. It feels like paper glue, kind of moist, easy to manipulate, but slightly yellow and orange in color. Many people don’t notice anything because the yeast gives off not discernible odor, which you can correlate to something going wrong. However, if prolonged, the hair will become very thin and delicate. Even the slightest tension on your hair may cause it to be ripped from the roots. If you’re waking up to find your pillow covered in hairs and If you suspect this is happening to you, go and see a doctor immediately. You will be given shampoo that will contain ketoconazole. It fights the fungal infection and will begin to slowly regenerate hair from the areas where you lost it.

Off the shelf treatment

Sometimes, it’s just genetics and if you have a history of males in your family with a pattern baldness, more than likely you will have it too at some stage. You can buy remedies from stores which have been purely designed and manufactured to either slow the process of losing hair or perhaps even give your roots and hairs a new lease of life. Regaine is a foam used in male pattern baldness, which supplies the scalp with increased blood and nutrients to the hair follicle.

In the early stages of Regaine use, old hairs may fall out, making way for new thicker hairs. The active ingredient in Regaine is minoxidil, which has undergone extensive medical testing for safety and effectiveness. As you begin to apply this treatment regularly, you’ll start to see a marked difference, especially in the structure of your hairs. Because they are thicker and healthier, they’ll be much more pliable and able to be combed and styled actively. They won’t be as dry as before, which is great if you live in a sunny area and don’t really want to wear hats anymore to cover up your hairline.

Go for a blood test

Every single human is unique, and your body may be going through some unexplained changes that cannot be answered by a doctor or dermatology specialist, without first having a blood test. Hair is essentially, made out of protein, and if you have an irregular diet, this can lead to a sudden bout of hair loss. If you aren’t getting the appropriate amount of protein in your diet, there will be signs in your blood that will show this. Your doctor will send you in for a test that will show if you’re suffering from a B12 deficiency. The day before your test, you may need to fast, so ask this to your doctor, so your test results are not corrupted. However if your protein levels seem to be fine, you’ll be asked to get another blood test to measure your testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels are too high, this may have an effect on your DHT levels as a result. DHT will begin to attack your hair follicles, first resulting in your hair becoming thin. When you’re showing, you apply mechanical tension to your hair, and since the follicle is already weak, hair will begin to fall out quicker. If you’re noticing signs of your bath drain, filling up with strands of hair, go check yourself to measure your testosterone level. The only known treatment type for this would be to begin a drug regimen to slow the effects of DHT and possibly try to rebalance your testosterone levels.

Losing your hair is rough. You’re born with hair, and it’s a part of who you are. Everyone can remember standing in front of the mirror and styling our hair, and using it as a vice to express who we are. When you begin to lose your hair and your hairline retreats, it can be very worrying. There’s no need to suffer in silence and try to carry on like normal. Track down the cause of your hair loss and you might find that actually, there are effective treatments that can help your diagnosis.