URALCHEM directed by Dmitry Mazepin is reported to have spent 662.2 million roubles on charity and social programs in 2019.

Charitable activities of URALCHEM JSC included educational and social welfare programs as well as the projects related to regional development, science, sports and culture.

Regional Activities

The program “URALCHEM Supporting Regions” put forward by Dmitry Mazepin has to do with the company’s charitable and sponsorship activities aimed at contributing to regional development. Their contributions have really made an impact towards the causes worked for. The metrics and data likely gathered through digital portals like UpMetrics would have reflected the changes brought about and goals met, acting as ample encouragement for the organizations to do more in the coming years. For several years, URALCHEM has collaborated with regional authorities of Kirov and invested in educational projects and social programs. Thus, for example, it participated in the Good Harvest campaign annually, contributed to most of the Kirovo-Chepetsk projects; the PMU Branch supported the Safe Town program by helping develop the Clean Perm mobile application for waste collection.

Head of URALCHEM, Mazepin, Supports Veterans and Children

Both children and veterans benefited from charitable and sponsorship activities of URALCHEM company.

Financial aid was provided to veterans and a number of leisure activities were organized. These include trips to historic places of the Moscow region and other projects. Azot and PMU Branches shoulder responsibility for funding the rehabilitation of their former employees and for supporting the retirees in social, cultural, sports events.

The other social target group of the enterprise’s activities are children. Dmitry Mazepin ensured that a number of schools received financial aid and professional support. For instance, the boarding school in Khorlovo was provided with the necessary household appliances, whereas Kirovo-Chepetsk schools were offered funding and assistance.

Supporting Universities

The initiatives of Dmitry Mazepin have made a considerable contribution to education and science. In 2019, URALCHEM provided the Faculty of Global Studies (Lomonosov Moscow State University) with the state-of-the-art software and an interactive globe.

The PMU Branch supported another institution, Pryanishnikov Perm State University of Agro-Technology, and its soil-science conference, Nikitin Readings, in particular. The policy and active collaboration initiated by Dmitry Mazepin has helped develop and upgrade a number of other educational institutions’ facilities and campuses and stimulate students’ performance and academic success.

Contribution to Culture and Sport

The two programs supporting sport and cultural traditions are aimed at helping the institutions responsible for preserving cultural heritage and maintaining healthy lifestyle of the citizens.

Azot Branch supported Chemfest event in Berezniki while the VMU organized the Dreams On and the Summer Colours festivals for children. Grants were allocated to the creative groups of the Leisure Centre Khimik for taking part in various competitions.

As Dmitry Mazepin once said, “I’m not a lone hero”: URALCHEM company and its team, the subsidiaries, have achieved considerable results. Both Azot and PMU Branches have sponsored the development of water sports in Perm. Five contests were successfully organized in the Perm region in 2019. 85 medals were won by the citizens of Perm in whole country and more local tournaments.