Visiting Birmingham and want to make the most out of it? But do not have as much money as you had on your last trip. Or do not want to spend an arm and a leg for the trip and want to save money on your new car or house. Rest Easy! Whatever the reason, you can visit and explore Birmingham without spending a King’s ransom. Here are some tips how you can save money on your Birmingham excursion:


Look for the Best price

Comfortable travel and transport are the priority of a large number of people due to which they end up spending the heavy amount on airline tickets, hotels, apartments, taxis, minicabs and food.

Expensive services are not necessarily the best. Although most renowned service providers do charge more than others in their industry that does not mean those who are charging a bit low do not provide good services. Birmingham is an affordable city, which is why so many people opt to move here. The logistics of a move are simplified when man and van hire in Birmingham are added to the equation.

A fair amount of money can be saved by having a look at a particular market and see who is offering the best price. Before your visit to Birmingham, do a little survey and you will be surprised that there are a lot of service providers who provide good services and that too at affordable rates. Start with your air tickets, check out sky scanner‘s website to find and book your flight at the best price.

Next comes, the place to stay. With places like the voco hotel St. John’s in Solihull, finding accommodation in Birmingham won’t be difficult. As you may find by doing some research, hotels’ rates tend to get increased during vacations and on special occasions making visitors spend huge amounts in paying hotel bills. gives you the golden opportunity to book apartments and hostels at cheap rates, who would want to miss that?

Transport for roaming around the beautiful Birmingham city and for exploring its secrets must be your next concern but when Minicabit guarantees minicabs at best prices, why waste your time? Check out for comparing minicab’s fares in Birmingham and book your birmingham taxi beforehand through their online booking service.

Visit free places

There are a number of free activities to do and places to visit for free in Birmingham for those watching their money. You can take a stroll alongside the canal, enjoy one of the Town Hall’s free concert or event, visit the Library of Birmingham, Birmingham’s museum and art gallery, a number of city’s parks or lakes, its historical churches, Saltwells Local Nature Reserve, Barber institute of Fine arts and many more places for free.

Eat good but at low price

Paul Prudhomme nailed it when he said that “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”. A high end restaurant which offers you a beautiful view while you eat, an amazing ambiance and a large menu does not ensure good quality and scrumptious food. Some small cafés, restaurants or stalls/vendors in local markets or shops in an area serve delicious food which makes you forget the world and that too at a very low price. There are a lot of lovely coffee shops in Birmingham, that are known to use suppliers that are wonderful coffee roasters.

Go for such eat out places during your next trip to Birmingham for a change and for saving some bucks as well. Check out this link to find out the best cafés & restaurants in Birmingham and you will not need a huge budget for dining there.