The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Formula 1 calendar. The prestigious race encompasses a long and rich history, which started in 1929, and its reputation and popularity have continued to grow. You don’t need to be a huge fan of motorsports to enjoy the occasion since the glamour and excitement of the event is an amazing experience in itself, transforming the Principality into one large celebration. This year’s Monaco Grand Prix takes place on 29th May 2016. The race is set to be another outstanding event, attracting the international jet set for a weekend of exclusive parties and celebrations.

Monaco’s cultural highlight isn’t just famed for its stunning location and air of exclusivity. Being crowned as the winner of the race is an accolade that many racing drivers dream of because the meandering streets of Monte Carlo are considered to be the ultimate test of driving skill. It is hailed as the most technically demanding of all the circuits on the Formula 1 World Championship tour. Formula 1 is a sport that is loved by so many, that is why watchers can bet on sports with Fanduel online and keep their fingers and toes crossed to see their winning car go over that finish line.

Monaco F1 car2

The narrow streets mean overtaking is extremely difficult, and the twists and turns make this one of the most treacherous racetracks used by F1. Michael Schumacher once famously described the risk of driving the circuit as “justifiable once a year.”

The track passes the iconic features of Monte Carlo, featuring narrow roads with lots of tight corners. In addition to passing the Casino and the Hotel de Paris, a significant portion of the 3.34km track runs along Port Hercules, Monaco’s scenic main harbor. The unique selling point of this race is that spectators can watch the race from luxury yachts as the action unfolds. The prestigious Quai Kennedy is a particularly exciting spot along the course because drivers zoom out of a tunnel at their highest speeds, just before slowing for a chicane. This braking zone offers the rare opportunity to pass and has subsequently been the site of some scary moments over the years.

Monaco F1 car 3

While the race is visible from many different parts of the city, chartering a superyacht is, without question, the best way to enjoy the experience. Those that charter yachts to watch the Monaco Grand Prix have the added luxury of relaxing with friends and family on the Mediterranean, making it the ultimate experience. By night, the Principality transforms into a melee of parties and exclusive events. Chartering a superyacht enables you to enjoy these festivities in the most elegant way possible. Monaco has such a rich history of racing that chartering a superyacht for the race is a truly unique and memorable experience.

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