Chartering a yacht gives you easy access to the best Mediterranean snorkeling sites that others only dream of. The rocky Mediterranean landscape provides a perfect underwater home for a variety of sea life in networks of caves, grottos, and rock pools, as well as an abundance of sandy reefs. All you need to do is check you’ve got all of your snorkeling gear for adults sorted.

This summer, why not anchor your luxury yacht in paradise, grab your fins and mask, and dive off the swim platform into a magical underwater world.

Note that snorkeling is normally best in the early morning and late afternoon and that certain snorkeling sites are better at different times of the year depending on temperatures and marine life migrations.

This list was put together by the Mediterranean yacht charter experts, Worth Avenue Yachts, who can incorporate all these sites into a personalized luxury yachting holiday itinerary.

The 5 best snorkeling sites in the Mediterranean

1. Isola Rossa, Sardinia

This extraordinarily pretty island is renowned for having some of the best snorkeling in the Med- just one of the many reasons yachts converge on this glamorous stretch of coast each summer. With a vibrant fish population and red rock formations stark against sapphire waters, this is a snorkeling paradise. You’ll find moray eels hiding amongst the rocks, and the sandy reefs are home to schools of fish- you’ll likely see fish in higher numbers here than anywhere else in the Med. If you’re interested in other similar locations to learn about when looking to snorkel, consider reading up on snorkel turks and caicos as well. I’ve heard that these beaches are also fantastic.


2. Illes Medes, Costa Brava

This famed stretch of Spanish coastline benefits from a rocky landscape that continues across the seafloor, creating some of the best snorkeling to be had in the Mediterranean. Illes Medes is a nature reserve and home to a dazzling array of marine life, including big groupers and schools of barracudas. Its protected status also means a restricted number of visitors and that you can enjoy these calm clear waters free from interruptions by buzzing jetskis or tenders.


3. Panarea, Aeolian Islands, Italy

Under the surface in the Aeolian Islands, volcanic vents issuing from the seabed create an ecosystem in the nutrient-rich waters. Sea fans wave in the slight currents, and black volcanic rock from ancient eruptions stretch across the sea floor. The dramatic underwater landscape makes the Aeolian Islands a fantastic snorkeling destination.


4. Keratokampos, Crete

The warm, calm, crystal clear waters of Crete’s southern beaches provide a long snorkeling season and excellent visibility-up to 30 meters. The rocky sea bed is home to a variety of sea life, including colorful sponges, barracuda, seahorses and the occasional pod of dolphins frolicking about. You’ll see even more fish in September and October when smaller fish come in closer to the shore to reproduce and their predators follow- making a late-season yacht charter a great idea to soak up some last-minute Greek sunshine. To experience the most that Crete has to offer, people traveling to this spectacular island may want to consider a car hire to make sure they have the mobility they need to get everything checked off their to-do list during their stay. This could be as simple as checking out sites like Rental Center Crete to hire a vehicle for the trip. This saves people from having to worry about transport options while on holiday.

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5. Cirali, Anatolia, Turkey

This tiny beach among orange groves and ancient ruins offers outstanding snorkelling, with perfectly clear waters that teem with life. There’s a rare breed of sea turtles that nest here, and it’s quite remote, meaning this is a perfect place for yacht guests who want to get away from the crowds.