OK this next comment may not come as a surprise to many, but it is true us ladies are far more talkative than our male counterparts.  In fact did you know that a typical woman can spend at least five hours of each day chatting (a third of her time awake).

It does not matter if you are at home or in the office gossiping with colleagues we can chat for around 298 minutes every day.

So what do we spend so much of our time chatting about?  Well there is so much to discuss such as talking through someone else’s problems, who is dating who and the children of other people.  Other subjects that are common subjects to natter about are shopping and the latest gossips on TV soaps, such as Coronation Street and Eastenders.

What do you chat about the most?  A third of us ladies spend at least twenty found minutes every day debating over our weight, dress size and the latest diet fad.  Whereas a large proportion will also talk out what they are planning to have for lunch as they exchange recipes.

I find it interesting to see how our conversations changes depending on the audience.  If you consider the conversations you have with your girlfriends and the conversations you have with your partner, they are very likely to differ significantly.

And just because ladies we are renowned for our ability to chat that does not mean men are not fascinated about what we talk about.  Because they are completely intrigued often wondering what goes on when ladies go the toilet.

I have put together a list of topics that generates energy, excitement and a level of buzz amongst the Queens of Chat.   Personally I would not have thought that food would be such a hot topic.  But needless to say I am very glad to see complaining about our partners to be at the bottom of the list.

Here goes….

  1. Shopping
  2. Exercising and diet tips
  3. Summer holidays and short breaks away
  4. A lottery win?  What would you spend it on
  5. Worries over health
  6. Lunch
  7. Who is dating who
  8. Problems with other peoples relationships
  9. Children
  10. Sharing recipes
  11. Arguments with partners
  12. Dress size
  13. Latest soap gossip
  14. Discussing other people’s children
  15. Who fancies who
  16. The mother in law
  17. Cosmetic surgery
  18. Complaints over partner
  19. How we age

It is also welcoming that ladies are very happy to have a quick chat with people they do not know and this usually happens in the seventeen minutes natter before work begins.  But after work our partners are likely to get the brunt of the conversation as we discuss work and what has happened in the day.  It can take place on the train, the bus or on the walk to work.  In addition to this we spend twelve minutes every week chatting to the staff at the local corner shop

What do you like chatting about?  And do you agree with the list.